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Aromatherapy is a holistic practice known from the beginning of ancient times consisting on stimulation of the olfactory perception. It helps balancing your thoughts and emotions by essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. In short, aromatherapy helps you keep your balance, and sometimes gives you a mind push. In other words use of aromatherapy scented candles for relaxing is the main use.

What makes the difference between regular scented candles and essential oil candles? The answer is simple. Most of the scented candles in the market are made with fragrances which are made with chemical ingredients and soy wax if you are lucky. Aromatherapy soy candles are made with only natural waxes and essential oils. The wax that we use in our candles are 100% soy and blended with only natural essential oils. That makes our candles all natural, vegan and also in the category of eco friendly products.

In order to have the lowest impact on our planet we encourage all the candle lovers to reuse their candle glasses. Our wooden top glass container is great for preserving freshness as the lid has an airtight seal. The jars are perfect to carry anything while travelling. The tins could be used for any storage purposes at home. And the best thing is our zero waste packaging option cotton bags.