5 Activities to Try at Home During Self-Isolation

Following the latest news about Coronavirus COVID-19, the whole world decided to apply self isolation measures to be able to tackle this pandemic. While everyone from our team is also self isolating themselves, we decided to write an article about how to entertain yourself at home.

Ways to enhance your mood while staying home:

1- Connect with nature: Grow Indoor Plants

Being in relation with plants is known for a long time that it's one of the best ways to beat depression and overcome anxiety. We know that you can run out of things to do at home but growing plants and looking after them well will always be an ongoing adventure and ensure you stay connected to nature. Some of the plants we grow are the base ingredients of our candles such as lavender. Although quite difficult to look after when first sown, they are beautiful and provide a beautiful smell. At HAZE Candles we are in love with nature, that's why we use only natural ingredients in our candles making our candles plant-based. If you are not really a gargening person, having an all natural candle at home could be considered to bring serenity to your space. Knowing essential oils benefits to body and mind, this would be the best thing to do for your wellbeing and mind balance.

2- Try meditation: Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

Meditating is also an effective way of dealing with boredom or anxiety. The thing is that you need to be open for the idea of meditation and release your mind. Be in the moment. This is always easy in words but when it comes to trying it in person it may be hard to concentrate on that as the mind can be very active. Especially during hard times. But it is OK. The first rule of meditation is to be ready to let go. Let your thoughts fly away and accept your panic as a normal feeling instead of an intrusive thing. Applying mindfulness to your everyday life can make a huge difference in your daily wellbeing.

Our recommended candles for your Yoga Sessions

- Dream

- Uplift

- Focus

- Energise

- Serenity

3- Cooking recipes that you have always wanted to try

Cooking at home is something that a lot of people are experiencing all the time at the moment. It's the best time to try different recipes you always wanted to. All you need is to get the ingredients ready and start cooking! You have now plenty of time for that. Certainly the self isolation has changed drastically our everyday lives but let's keep our positivity.

Preparing food is one of the best ways to cope with boredom. Not only you will grow your cooking skills but you will also bring warmth to your house and to your loved ones. If you are still looking for something to do at home get ready and start cooking!

After all the cooking at home, you may want to supress the smell of food in your living area. Try our natural essential oil combination candles to refresh your space:

- Grapefruit & Lavender

- Lemon & Basil

- Rosemary & Pine

4- Start a hobby or learn how to play an instrument

We are always willing to do something that we have in our mind but there is always something on our way, isn't there? So now it's time! Start learning to do something on your own at home. It's easy to find online courses for any kind of hobby, craft or to play instruments. Playing guitar, learning piano or any instrument that you may have in mind. Just find your thing and practice or excercise regularly. What you need is commitment.

If you don't know what to start doing we can give you some inspirational ideas. Embroidery is one of the most popular craft ideas out there. Trying painting or anything made by hand could be your thing. Just take something and try!

Our commitment has been to provide all natural aromethrahy products to you all for the past 2 years. With self-isolation at home, we are constantly experimenting with new ideas. Here is our story for those who are new to Haze Candles.

Reorganise Your Home: Interior Design Ideas

Most of the online shops are still open for orders and so are we! So better turning this into your advantage. As long as the delivery companies continues operating, you can buy anything to refresh your home. A small plant with colorful pot or a new study lamp. Maybe a new dining table or a super-cosy sofa. Just a special tip: add a plant to your living room. This will bring instantly a liveliness to the ambience. Don't forget to share on Instagram by tagging us @hazecandles. Give us some inspiration on our scent adventure. By the way, did you try our Essence Collection, a burst of floral combinations.



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