7 Mistakes to Avoid During Yoga Sessions

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

1) Starting From the Advanced Yoga Poses

Just like in everyday life, yoga is about evolving and getting better step by steps. Don't try to achieve the hardest poses if you are at a beginner level. You will be able to do the adcanced yoga moves once you nurture your body the right way. How about starting by the basic yoga poses for beginners like mountain, downward facing dog, plank, triangle, tree, warrior and child's pose. If you are a complete beginner these terms may look confusing to you. Don't worry, you will learn all of them. Let's continue with the mistakes to avoid when practicing yoga.

2) Holding Your Breath


You should never forget that yoga is all about flow and balance. Alongside practicing breath technics, always take deep breaths and exhale without holding. Inhale and exhale. The breathing rythm will vary depending on the yoga training you are practicing. Just don't forget to keep your breath flowing with your practice. Holding your breath is sometimes automatic while you are on a challenging pose. But if you do not breath continuously, your muscles won't get the oxygen they need. And as a result you won't be able to support your body weight. To avoid this to happen, make sure you are doing to abdominal breathing.

3) Trying Yoga With a Full Stomach

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Like all physical activities, you shouldn't eat before moving. And if you feel like you really need some energy, go with easily digestable foods like bananas. Why do you think tennis players are always eating a banana during their break? Yes, banana is really easy to digest and gives you plenty of energy you need. If you are curious about the timing of the last meal you should eat, it should be at least an hour before going to your yoga class

4) Pushing Too Hard

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Remember that yoga is all about listening to your body and responding accordingly. So don't push it and put on your body more pressure than it can take. Practicing yoga regularly will open up your body and then you will be able to stand for longer times or will be able to achieve advanced poses. At the beginning start with basic yoga poses and don't overdo them. Bear in mind that along the way you will get better. One of the golden rules of yoga is to let your mind go and flow with the rythm of the excercise. No pain no gain doesn't really applies to yoga.

5) Thinking About Your Daily Life

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We know that getting rid of your thoughts about your daily concerns or plans can be hard sometimes. But learning yoga is also about learning how to clear your mind and relax. Your body is closely binded with your mind. When you struggle to clear your thoughts just think about a place that you would be really relaxed and happy to enjoy. Putting on some relaxation music will definitely help. Be sure that you prepare yourself and your environment to a perfect yoga session. If you don't know how to prepare a room for yoga, we might give you some ideas: light an aromatherapy candle, put on some relaxation music and make sure you are isolated from outside disruptions.

6) Skipping the Cooldown After a Yoga Session

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Again, as all kind of sports, you should spare time for cooldown. Stretching your muscles will help you to feel less muscle soreness. And also letting your blood pressure to lower slowly will prevent you from feeling dizzy right after yoga practice. Continue to breath deeply and make sure you stretch all the muscles you used. And don't forget the corpse pose at the end of your yoga session. You are now ready for the rest of your day. Stay well, eat well, feel well.


What we mean by atmosphere? Prepare all your surrounding before starting yoga. Light a calming aromatherapy candle to feel like in a spa. Make sure you are completely isolated from the outside (even if you are in your room). Having a clear zen decoration with minimal object and material will definitely help you to clear up your mind too. Our thoughts are so much affected by our surrounding and what we look at. That's why you should keep it at minimum while meditating.


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