Candle Glass Recycling

Your HAZE aromatherapy candle has come to the end but the glass container is too nice to throw away; and you are so nice you want to recycle. If you are asking yourself what can be recycled; let's start with how to recycle glass containers!

Glass Recycling

First of all let us say that this candle glass recycling won't be without mess. But you are lucky if you have a HAZE Candles - made with soy wax and essential oils. The melting temperature of soy wax is lower than paraffin, and it is all natural! You will need a hob or a deep bowl to be able to fill it with hot water.

Step 1 - Put it in the hob/bowl

Put the candle glass container in the hob or bowl. Be sure that it's on a heat-proof surface. You may prefer to dive the glass jar after pouring the boiling water; bear in mind that filling it afterwards will minimize the risk of spilling.

Step 2 - Fill with boiling water

Start filling the hob with boiling water. You have to fill it slowly in order to not split around (if it splits soy wax is really easy to clean with a dry towel). Make sure that you pour in the glass container as well to not have a floating glass.

Step 3 - Cool down

Then leave it to cool down. That would require a couple of hours. You can accelerate the process by putting the hob in a fresher ambiance: outside or in the fridge. After that the water is cooled down, you can pick the glass from the hob. Wearing glows is recommended if you don't want to dirty your hands.

Step 4 - Cleaning

This is the last step. After taking the glass out clean the glass with towel and it is ready to reuse! Best way to reduce reuse recycle.

Upcycle & Enjoy

You can reuse your glass candle container in different ways: tea, coffee, flowers or even pen. It's time to buy your new scented candle! Don't forget to share your ways to upcycle our candles through Instagram or Facebook.

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