Mindfulness Meditation With Aromatherapy Candles

Updated: May 20, 2020

What Are The Benefits of Meditation?


Before learning how to meditate it is important to understand what is meditation and mindfulness. In our daily life the opportunity to get alone with ourself may be challenging. These practices are getting more and more popular lately and it is undestandable when we look at the point the world has come. To learn self meditation, getting into a relaxed state of mind is important. Actually it is made to reach that peaceful state of mind. In order to reach that relaxation you have to clear your mind and try to not focus on anything that comes to your thoughts. To acvhieve that you can symbolise all your thoughts as a sphere of energy and embrase it. Let go all kind of thoughts, positive or negative. You have to feel the moment and forget about past and future.

Lighting a meditation candle and putting a relaxation music will help you to get into that mood. Our Aromatherapy Candle Collection has the best essential oil combinations for different moods: Uplift, Energise, Focus, Serenity and Dream. If you are looking for mindfulness meditation youtube videos or relaxing music click here to open free meditation music. Now that you are ready for a spiritual journey, we would like to explain more about types of meditation and the benefits of it.

Relaxation Techniques and Types of Meditation

Meditation exercises are endless and really depend on the person's way of relaxation. For people who are looking for guided meditation, it is also possible to find free

videos online. It is important to find the practice that fits you the best and makes you feel better. Don't forget, it's your choice. For the more tech-savvy there are also some really efficiently working meditation apps to download to your smartphone. Relaxation techniques varieties depend on countries and regions influenced by different cultures and ways of understanding life itself.

But if we need to make a list of most popular types of meditation here it is:

  • Zen meditation.

  • Mindfulness meditation.

  • Breath awareness meditation.

  • Kundalini yoga meditation.

  • Spiritual meditation.

  • Transcendental meditation.

Deep Breathing Exercise

woman meditating

Breathing techniques are also a good way to relax and balance your mind and it is a really easy way to start meditation. First make yourself comfortable; you can sit on a chair that you are comfortable, on a sofa or a yoga mat. What is important is that you need to be comfortable and can breath fully and easily. Diaphragmatic breathing or deep breathing exercise concists on taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly. Try to escape from daily thoughts and imagine yourself in a relaxing ambience. Imagining yourself looking into great outdoor views or on a beach with calming waves can be helpful. Put on some relaxing music and light an aromatherapy candle to boost the meditation experience.

Additionally to Meditation Exercise Regularly

fit woman

It is crucial to understand the importance of exercising for your physical fitness and emotional wellbeing. The first step is to be determined to do daily exercises at home, at gyms or outside. The most basic exercise is to run at least 10 minutes every day. That being the least thing you can do for a healthy living and balanced lifestyle. Everthing you do on top of that will be extra benefit on your account. If you don't have the opportunity to go outside, there are many ways to get exercise at home regularly. Start with stretching and jumping opening your arms and legs. Doing this repeatedly will help you on your daily exercise routine. Push-up and abdominal crunch is also a good way to maintain body muscles. But we have to say that exercising only isn't enough for a balanced lifestyle. Eating well should have an important place in your healthy habits routine as well.

For a Good Meditation Experience: Eat Healthy Feel Good

healthy food

Eating well effects your body and your mind. First rule of wellbeing is to eat healhy; that means having a well balanced diet by eating a little from everything. If you don't know how to manage your daily eating habits, you can create a special diet plan by starting to add a lot of fruits and vegetables to it and taking out fat and sugar from your list. Eating fish twice a week, including an oily fish like salmon at least once is good for health. Try to cut down on salt, keep in mind that daily recommended salt for an adult is 6 grams. You can follow the quantity of saturates, sugar and salt on packagings of food products you buy. Never skip the breakfast and drink plenty of water every day. Eat well, stay well!

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