Natural Christmas Gifts: Scented Candles

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Gift Guide for Christmas Candle

When Christmas time approach, everyone start thinking about Christmas gift ideas. Maybe you are looking for unusual Christmas gifts but the classics are never out-fashioned. Sometimes the best Christmas present is a warm thinking about your beloved, and to show this warmth one of the best Christmas gift ideas is offering a wonderful scented candle. And if it is made with pure soy wax and essential oils, what would you ask more? Take a look into our range of nice candles for gifts.

Gifts for Her Christmas Present Ideas

If you don't know what to buy as a Christmas gift to a friend, sister, mother or anyone in the family; the best present idea would probably be scented candles! But how to find the best Christmas candles? Don't worry, we will help you with that. First of all, the candles have to be made with soy wax. And ideally blended with essential oils. The combination of these two makes wonderful scents. Especially Christmas scented candles are preferred for a warm gift idea.

Other Christmas gift ideas could be a jumper, accessories, a bag, jewellery box, eau de parfum, a smart watch or even a membership or monthly subscription for natural candles. The most important think is that you know what to buy for Christmas 2019. The rest is the easiest part.

Our Special Christmas Scent: Winter Warmth

The classic Christmas scent in an elegant reusable wooden glass lid. With a special blend of cinnamon, pine, clove and orange. Feel the warmth of festive winter days with Winter Warmth. All the ingredients used in these small batch candles are picked with eco-friendly perspective and glass recycling vision. What's in our candles? Only soy wax and essential oils. And why is this important? It should be the first thing to look out when you are about to choose a scented candle. Soy candle has a cleaner burn than paraffin wax candles, the reason behind that is the soy bean which has natural fat in it. The extraction of the fat from it gives us the soy wax which is 100% natural.

So if you are looking for a Christmas scented candle, our special essential oil blend Winter Mist is the one to pick. To see all our scented candle collections please follow the link. Enjoy your experience with HAZE Candles!

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