Natural Citronella Candles as Insect Repellent

Outdoor Citronella Candles with Essential Oil

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Did you ever think about the most natural way to get rid of mosquitos? If you already did some research you probably know that citronella is used widely as an insect repellent candle. Large outdoor citronella candles are known to be one of the best ways to keep bugs away. Insect repellant candles can be hard to find which is why we have created a specific one to help you. Don't forget that it's all about science! You have to be sure that the citronella candle you buy contains actually citronella essential oil in it if you are looking for a natural one. How to be sure? Which citronella candle work best? You will be able to tell if a scent is natural or not from it's scent reality. Don't worry if you are not a professional in distinguishing subtle nuances in scents: our promise is to use only natural ingredients in our candles including soy wax and essential oils as scents.

First: what does citronella candles do?

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Let's start from the essentials: what are cintronella candles? Citronella plant itself is a natural insect repellent. So is the essential oil extracted from it. As we blend our soy candles with essential oils, that means you don't have to spray chemicals on your skin or put on lotions that will cause skin dryness. That being said, another question raises: where should citronella candles placed? This is a question that the answer depends closely on the place you want to use it. It is important to use the outdoor candles in a settled and calm weather; rain or wind will affect the effectiveness of citronella candle insect repelling property.

How does citronella candles work is another question that is being asked frequently. The natural insect repellent components in it helps you to protect from different types of flies but it's not always a guaranteed solution for all kind of flying insects. As the outdoor weather conditions could be really variable it also depends on the environment you are in. The best option to stay safe from flies while camping will be to choose a travel tin citronella candles. Having this type of anti bug and anti fly candles will not only give you a nice atmosphere but also help you with keeping them away. But what about indoors? Let's continue if you are ready for the next question.

Why not burn citronella candles indoors?

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You are probably asking yourself why are citronella candles for outdoor use only. This is because citronella oil causes more soot than other scents. (Less than usual with natural candles) The only way to use it indoor will be by keeping a window open to keep the room's air well ventilated. You will be lucky if you prefer to use natural candles, they don't cause a bad indoor air quality as the fragrances and paraffin wax. So don't forget to check if your candle is soy or paraffin. This being said, another common question raises: where should citronella candles be placed to make the most use of it? Make sure that it's not too close to any flammable surface and to yourself. You don't want to burn yourself or anything around you. The best place depends actually on where you are and if there is small wind or not. Just make sure that the candle evaporates into your side to get an effective fly repeller.

Where to buy citronella candles online

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Candle stores online shop varieties are endless. So how to choose the best scented candle when you buy online? You have to take a look on it and smell right? We know that it's hard to decide when you can't smell the scent options but with citronella the possibilities do have an end. After going on couple of essential oil blends testing we found the perfect match! Citronella essential oil blends well with Lemongrass, Orange, Lime and Peppermint. Check out the good smelling insect repellent solution that we elaborated. Order now online and get a free delivery over £30 (when discount applied).

Best Scented Candles for Camping Getaway

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Although the citronella candles are widely used in the outdoors and while camping, there are also different nature scents candles that you can always carry easily with you. Rosemary-pine, cedarwood-bergamot, lemon-basil, lemongrass-eucalyptus, grapefruit-lavender... Just pick your favorite scent or label and go for it. You can choose small amber jar candle containers or silver tin candles. And if you still ask yourself what to take with you for camping, natural candles are the choice. Just always keep in mind and be cautious about candles in camping tents, never burn inside. Be sure that it's placed in a safe area.

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