Vegan Candles Guide: how to find the best scented candle

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Is Soy Candles Vegan?

If you are vegan and love candles, you might be wondering if soy candles are vegan or not. The answer is simple: soy wax is vegan, so soy candle is vegan too. But there is also another question: how to find the best soy candle? We have an idea about this, as we are passionate about candles we also are respectful to the nature. As HAZE Candles we only use natural soy wax and essential oils, if you are wondering why we are using essential oils in our natural candles you can find the answer in the benefits of essential oils.

Soy Wax is Vegan Friendly! Soy wax is extracted from soybeans by hydrogenation of soybean oil. It is a 100% natural product. So if you want to find online vegan candles UK wide shipping is provided by HAZE Candles for the mainland on orders over £30.

100% soy wax candles, are vegan as they are 100% vegetable based and contain no animal products at all. Soy wax has so many advantages in terms of being eco-friendly as they are a renewable resource, biodegradable/water-soluble and does not increase CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

How to find the best vegan candle?

We are proud to create our candles from 2 natural products only: Soy wax and essential oils. Our candles are made of 100% natural products aimed to provide a headache-free, soot-free and natural experience. As our candles are only soy wax based, they also last up to 50% longer than those that are made from paraffin wax, so you can enjoy our candles for a long period of time. You may be wondering about the wick we use in our candles. They are 100% cotton-based, so all natural too! That's why they are clean burning candles.

We are listed in the best vegan candles guide of Vegan Beauty Girl blog as one of the tested and agreed vegan candle.

It is also known that soy wax actually hold scent better than other products so our essential oils are well infused into our candles and evaporate evenly throughout your environment giving a spa-like feel to lighting our candles. Due to the lower melting point of soy wax, aromas diffuse from the liquid wax pool at a much earlier phase when you have lit your candle. What is even better is that soy wax is also water-soluble meaning that wax spills are easy to clean.

Buy Organic Candles Online

Finding all natural candles can be confusing. Sometimes you have do a good research to find the best option. We know that choosing to use organic products isn't the easiest way to go as a consumer. But thanks to internet, there are ways to find organic products online. At HAZE Candles we go with zero waste packaging. That means you can order with peace of mind from our online candle store.

To be sure that what you are buying online is a 100% natural product you have to check for the ingredients first. We are proud to manufacture our products by hand and with carefully selected soy wax and essential oils. Which also means that it will have a clean burning wick and minimum indoor pollution. Why is the indoor air quality important? Because when you light a scented candle it will have a throw into your space. Using natural ingredients means cleaner air to our candle loving customers.

Natural Scented Candles as Vegan Christmas Gift

christmas scented candle

Finding vegan Christmas candles can be hard. But you always have soy wax candle options. The only thing you have to be careful about soy candles is what is the scent made from. Most of the so-called vegan candles are made with soy wax or any vegetable wax but they are blended with chemical fragrances. There is another thing that you should be aware is that paraffin wax candles are called vegan as well. But paraffin wax is a derived form of petrol. So if you are looking for all natural scented candles, your only choice should be soy or vegetable wax candles blended only with natural essential oils.

Vegan candles are good as eco friendly gift idea because the oils used inside aren't toxic for the environment and aquatic life. A great side of our candle collections is that the containers are reusable and are picked especially with zero waste perspective in mind. Wondering how to reuse your finished candle glass? Click on the link to see our guide on how to upcycle candle glass.

What is Soy Wax?

You want to buy soy candles but have that question in your mind: Is Soy Candles Vegan? Or at least you're looking for a vegetarian candle. You can be happy to hear that soy wax is a natural ingredient. But what makes the difference?

It's simple: soy wax extraction makes the fat of the soy beans separate from itself. After a cleaning process the soy wax is ready. That's where the soy candle wax comes from. As a scent we prefer to use essential oils to stay natural and vegan.

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