Lemon basil scented candles in a zero waste packaging: reusable cotton bag.


Floral patterns and burst of scents: Essence Collection.

100% natural candles made with soy wax and essential oils. The harmony of Lemon and Basil essential oils will bring calm to your room. Benefits of Lemon essential oil are really underappreciated: it helps with anxiety, breathing or sore throat and also helps concentration. When you add basil essential oil it makes a perfect herbal scent balance. But also because basil scent acts as a natural insect repellent, it will keep flies away from you.


We explained that basil is one of the known insect repellent essential oils. But it's not only it! It improves digestion, increase alertness and sooth muscle pain. What else would you want from an essential oils blend scented candle: a vibrant floral label. The perfect size and shape of the amber glass jars makes possible for you to take your candle everywhere you want. This is one of the best travel candles to have.

Lemon & Basil - Amber Jar

  • Burn a candle between 1-4 hours. Exceeding or lighting it for a short time will cause imperfection on wax surface. Air bubbles in candles is because of the nature of soy wax. This shows that there is no chemicals in the products.

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